Stand Guidance Mistake at LIRF

I just landed at LIRF and noticed that (at least) at gate 215 the stand guidance orders you to stop too early in the A330. I say too early because as a consequence of the stopping location the jetbridges aren’t available to connect. Only if you taxi a little closer to the terminal than what the stand guidance tells you, the bridges become available.
I don’t know if that also happens at other gates, but I can at least say this happened at gate 215.

Device: iPad Pro 2018
Operating system: iOS 15

Hy @MxP ,
I tried to investigate but there is no Stand 215 at LIRF.

Could you check where it is please?


I have no idea how that happened and Idk if it was wrongly displayed or if I am just stupid, but it was actually gate 710… Sorry for that

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Ok, just checked, but I am unable to reproduce.
Even when stoping a few feet before the official stop the Jetbridges work.

May be you can retry and if it happens again give a few more information how you did.

Give me a moment, I am going to take a screenshot from the replay to show where I was told to stop.

I can share the replay if you can derive more from that. I then manually started up again after realizing I was out of range for the Jetbridges and then manually taxied forward

I tried again in solo and it works now. Maybe it was just a bug or something.

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