Stand guidance in KSEA

Hey everyone! I just landed in KSEA in a 737-900 and noticed something weird. Some screens of the stand guidance show a message that I don’t understand or some are completely dark and don’t event turn on when I line up to the gate… can someone explain me that?

What does that message mean?

Dark screen… (Note that I tried to line up to this gate and the screen didn’t turn on)

The image of a dark screen is because the gate is not occupied, so it is just a dark screen. I don’t know the other one however.

No no because when I tried to line up it stayed dark

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Well then, I can’t really help you.

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It’s an error message that’s actually cut off. Basically what the error is, is that the stand guidance is not assigned to a gate. I’ll forward this to the editor to get this fixed. Thanks for the report!

The black screen too?

Is this at the A terminal?

Yes at the A terminal… like 3 doors have proper stand guidance I think… maybe 2

Yes those ones are the ones that have the issue. The black screen on one of them is part of the issue I think. Hopefully the editor will fix this.

Yeah that’s a bit of a problem… thanks for your answers!

Same problem in RPLL