Stand Guidance at KSLC not working (Gate B21A)

Good evening,

I have just flew into Salt Lake city (KSLC) and the stand guidance wasn’t working on Gate B21A, after turning the aircraft onto the stand and taxing forward at 3-5kts nothing happened, thought id post this incase nothing has been reported to the airport editor 😁

Device - Samsung Galaxy fold 3

OS - Android version 14

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intresting i was going to be there for the next leg

I’m not sure if it’s an airport wide issue or just a couple of stands but it didn’t ruin my flight 🤣 the editor has done a fantastic job especially with the construction sites

Agreed but i am planning a flight out that way very soon but i am not sure what route.

This issue has been reported to the editor. Thanks for pointing it out!



Thanks for the report, I’ll do some investigating and see what I find.