Why don’t we just walk through your entire approach/landing procedures and we’ll see if we can help.


Happy landings!


I’m being nice by calling you a noob… but i will give you advice on top of that. Make sure you are aware of your flying characteristics. Planes don’t all have the same landing speeds. Be aware of your aircraft weight.

@anon91505560 Ok, easy. The solution is that you should land the BBJ between 130-135 or maybe 140 knots. Flaps 30, this the solution, no more to add…
If you don’t trust us, please go and research by your own…

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amen to that ☝️

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Yea I did that but I had to put the power to max a lot as the flaps pull you down I don’t get that bit but landing was ok I guess

Ok. Here are some tips.

Fly higher, then the glide slope. Then, put you flaps down, a little by little, and then if you stall, you can have more altitude to descend. Then, put your gear down.

Also, Try to land a little faster then the normal landing spread.

No that wouldn’t be the solution 😂 This thread keeps getting better and better.

From what I can see you’ve had a lot of constructive feedback on this. I don’t have the bbj but being a Boeing it won’t have 2% flaps so your defantly doing something wrong. Most liners land around 130-140 knts with average weight, wind and full flaps. Have you tried final at 150-160 knts you can still bring most down smoothly around that speed and almost shouldn’t stall unless you pull up hard or are landing with extra weight?


Don’t want others to be confused by this. It IS NOT a bug of any sort. See several posts by Aernout and co that provide the answe if you are also having this issue.