I have spawned on final for runway 6 at KNUC and i had 60kt speed. I had to gain speed immediately and when I pressed short final, the same happend. This is a really big problem, and now i can’t use the short final function.
Can you please help me?

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What airplane were you flying?

It could be due to high headwinds

There were no headwinds

If you spawn in solo at short final, you will be at the correct altitude and speed for landing…but the throttle will be at 0 so you will either have to increase the throttle or if you hit SP on the AP then you will maintain speed until you are ready to reduce speed for landing.

I set throttle always to full power when on final…

I have also tried other planes and airports. The same problem

That is very odd. Can you upload any screenshots or a vid of this happening so someone with some technical knowledge can help?

So if I understand this correctly:

  • this is in Solo mode of the game
  • you start the game from an ‘on final’ position
  • you find that, as soon as the flight starts, your aircraft is doing 60kts (which is way to slow for just about any aircraft in IF) and starts stalling immediately
  • you try to correct and save the flight by applying full throttle
  • this problem (start speed of 60 kts) happens for every aircraft you tested.

Is this correct?

If so, than that is indeed a strange problem, which Ive never heard before. I propose you remove the IF app from your mobile device and reinstall it.

I Can’t, im now at school.

I am having the exact same problem. It’s pretty frustrating because I cannot save it before it crashes. a320

@VolsLunatic confirm the above ?

I figured it out. It kept the tail wind I was experiencing on the flight before going into the solo short final flight. I ended that flight at cruising altitude so there was an 82 kt tailwind when I entered into solo mode.

I hope you mean just initially on the Solo short final and not every final, live or otherwise.

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Just initially.

Also only when I stall or I’m too slow in solo mode

I have uninstalled IF and it worked!
Thanks to you all for trying to help me!

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I understand, the phrasing just scared me a bit.