Stalling during takeoff

Whenever I set my take off thrust and hit about 120kts my plane will just aggressively pull up and stall. I’ve recalibrated over and over and checked my controls but the only way to fix it is to restart the whole flight. Does anyone else have this problem.

Stalling can depend on the aircraft you’re using, weight, winds, etc. Could you be more specific on what aircraft(s) and where?


What aircraft are you using- any commercial aircraft will typically take off way higher, make sure you do not pitch up aggressively, the max is around 20degrees

What aircraft are you using? What weight settings do you have ? What flap settings have you used?

Depending on the aircraft all these factors will change. If flying a B737/A320 and bigger than 120mts is a little slow and you will stall. However if it’s a GA or fighter than 120kts could be too fast which will cause you to crash as well!

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Try rotating later, if you are unsure of when to rotate then use higher power settings and rotate at about 160 (for airliners)( 160 may seem very high for some aircraft but works for many of the heavier aircraft)
Also, I don’t know your technique, but make sure to rotate slowly, 2 to 3° per second

I’ve had an issue with this using the 787-8, 777-200F, A220, TBM 930, my takeoff thrust is usually set at 80%-90% depending on the load and runway length. Flaps set to 20 on the heavy Boeings.

On Boeing heavies maybe use flaps at 5 degrees instead of 20 degrees. What speed are you rotating at?

For Heavies such as 787 and 777, regardless of which version. For all types of 7878 and 777, I typically as I do long Hauls and the flight is heavy, I need lift at the around 150-170kts so I don’t overshoot the RWY, therefore I set my flaps for those Aircraft at 15° with a V/S between 800-1200ft. After a few seconds, as I gather speed, I begin to tilt the plane a bit further back to so my V/S is around 1800-2200ft. From there I adjust the speed and V/S to certain Altitude before engaging the autopilot.

I do use flaps at 5° when the aircraft is very light. A flight with Qatar Airways 777-300ER from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City, is where I’d use flaps at 5° sue to the light weight of the aircraft, but I could also opt for 15°, to ascend quicker. It comes down to the weight of the aircraft. Got a lot of Passengers and Cargo, then 15° is still a better option.

Also try to use a negative Trim, that could potentially help/save you from not stall if you happen to pull back too much or gather to much lift due to a too high flap setting, which could result in the plane pitching up too high.

Now, I personally, last year, two times faced this issue, where I had flap setting on a 777-300ER at 20°, which caused the plane to pitch up more than usual. I had to force the plane’s nose down, so since then I studied in how 777 and 787 as well as other Heavies have their flap setting depending on weight, runway length and other factors, such as weather. So for now, I rarely use 20° flaps on any aircraft whatsoever. 15° goes my limit usually, even last night I took of with very heavy 777-300ER from SFO to HKG, for a 14h 30min flight with 15° flaps and had no issues taking off, and now the same flight with little less weight but still 15° flaps took off from HKG and on its way to SIN.

You could go to Solo Mode or to the Casual Server and ty out different flap setting and Trim settings with various different weight and weather distributions and see what works and what does not.

Check the links below for guide/tutorial, I hope they help or ask us here for further assistance :)


The A220? Wait, is it in the game?

He probably meant the A330? Since we don’t have the A220 in the game as of now.

Oh, i got overhyped lol.

It could be that you have previously used a keyboard to control your flight. To fix your controls, go to controls in the Infinite Flight settings, and reset to default. This will allow you to control your device again.

I think you need to takeoff at 140kts because that’s rotating speed of an aircraft but I think that all depends on what the weather conditions are like what aircraft you used and so on and so forth 🙂🙂

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