Stalling after Takeoff (Autopilot on)

Recently I’ve been having a problem in the Dash Q400. About 10 seconds after rotating, I engage autopilot, and about 5 seconds later, I stall. Does anybody know what’s happening? Thanks.

Also, I searched for other topics like this, and none of them mentioned this happening with Autopilot on.


try lowering your VS

It’s usually at about 2900


The problem: Don’t use autopilot on takeoff, even speed is risky!! It’s a common mistake upon IF pilots but a very fatal one. Takeoff is one of the easier things, especially with a Dash 8. Know your aircraft before you try using autopilot to takeoff, pay attention to how if flies, what VS it’s good with, etc. Hope this helps-


Thanks so much!


You need to make sure you have sufficient speed before increasing your vertical speed. Also, are you using flap extention? Flaps can increase your lift without requiring excessive nose tilt.

I suggest having a positive climb before you engage autopilot.

Autopilot isn’t the problem.

It’s failure to understand what stages to enable it gradually that is the problem.

I could video some of the smoothest takeoffs using autopilot if you need proof.

Go for it…nothing to lose

No matter the aircraft, I use a relatively low VS. Usally around 2200, and in more powerful jets such as the 747 upwards of 2900. I haven’t flown the Dash 8 so I don’t know how it preforms.

What airspeed are you taking off at and what VS are you using with what flap setting? A stall is generally simply not enough speed for the current vertical climb.

I note that you are engaging your auto pilot after takeoff but remember that even when you activate A/P 10 seconds after take off, A/P captures your current speed and current climb.

If, for example, you rotated at 130knts but you were accelerating to 180knts for your climb to 8000ft and your vertical speed is a good climb for 180knts; let’s say you engage A/P for speed and you were only at 140knts, the auto pilot will capture that 140knts and immediately reduce your thrust but you’re still in a climb good for 180knts. A stall is imminent. This was just an example. Better advice can be given once you provide your settings.


My flaps were 10, my speed was about 130 knots, and my VS was about 2500. Thanks for your feedback, I think I figured it out; I just made a steadier climb and lowered my VS :)

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