Stalled after attempt to climb to 40,000 ft

I recently was in the A380 and I was planning a cruising altitude of 40,000 ft. As I passed through 32,000 ft., I set my V/S from 2,500 to 700 ft. However, I somehow stalled at around 38,000 ft and I have no idea why. Then, when I was about to get to 38,000 ft., the plane did a weird steep climb of almost 40 degrees. Why is this happening when I try to climb to 40,000 ft?

You were most likely heavy. Try step climbing next time to avoid this.

If you were full of fuel FL400 is way to high. Try FL320 until you burn off some fuel…

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That is true. The plane was a bit heavy but not over 900,000 lbs. Also, I had the throttle at full power when I saw my airspeed go down but when I increased it that’s when the plane did a steep climb and made it stall in definitely.

I moved this out of Support to General since this is a topic we see quite commonly and the likely causes are too high of a vertical speed and too heavy of a weight for the desired cruise altitude.


Yep your throttle is trying to reach the speed you set but cannot reach it due to the weight of your aircraft which can’t also affects your aircraft to get to your altitude of choice. I suggest taking a look at the topic I provided as it includes some useful info.

I was actually only about 50% full of fuel as I was doing a flight from LSZH - EGLL. You are right though about burning the fuel before going to 40,000 ft.

Ok will do.

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Burning off fuel before 40,000ft and step climbing as @infiniteflight_17 said are the same thing basically.

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