Stall warnings

Continuous Stall warnings during touchdown 77F

Device: iPad Pro 12.9 2021
Operating system:16.5

Would you go more in depth please?

For example; what was your landing speed, flap degree, wind speed, airport elevation, calibration, etc.

136kts, Flp 30, wind 4kts, load 43%, elev 40’.
50, 40, 30, 20, 10 stall warning and a smooth touchdown

did you reduce throttle to idle at all, if so, at what height AGL?

136 is quite a low approach speed for the 777F at your weight. once you flare you will lose speed which might have led to the stall. It seems like everything went fine this time, but I would recommend using a profile guide for proper speeds and altitudes and such.

Here is one for the 777 family:

I still had engines at N1 48-50%. Didn’t do a full throttle back.

My approach speed was 143-145. Touch down was at 136

ok, so as @Variable already explained, with combined TAW (total aircraft weight), and the landing speed, this could’ve easily dragged the plane down into a stall. I recommend landing at around 145kts, 20% TAW, and flair with throttle back at 20%.

did u calibrate correctly

Yes. I’ve never gotten a stall warning right at touch down until now. It was very odd

okay then, just make sure to follow the MLW (minimum landing weight) requirements, and hope for a better result next time

Hi I’m trying to get to a curtain height and it’s not working I tried the autopilot and that didn’t work I was using a 777F cargo plane and the plane keeps on going down can you guys please help

Can I please help some help on what to do is there someone on discord that I can talk to and they can help me

For starters your IAS is way too low for flaps 5. Not to mention your 68% which is over MLW. Your IAS in correspondence to your TAW (total aircraft weight) is all out of wack. For a 68% 777F, a proper Vr speed would be around 170 KIAS. Maintain 220 KIAS as you climb then 300 knots past 10k, then 312 or 0.84 at cruise.


Did you have any 3rd party apps working at the time, like IF Assistant?

It doesn’t work

No I did not

Do you have discord and then you can send me ss of it and then you can talk to me

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