Stall warning on spawn in high wind conditions

I am receiving a stall warning on spawn on the C172 in 30kts winds. It flashes and disappears immediately.
Not the biggest of issues, but it is quite alarming given that the stall warning uses the same icon as a ghost.

Never seen that before that’s weird

The c172 has a maximum crosswind component of 15knots. The issue is probably that when you spawn, as the wind hits the aircraft it believes that you are stalling due to the maximum crosswind limit being half that.


I think it’s because the spawn is slightly above ground.

The max crosswind component is only for landing right? And why would that be a stall anyways?

What is ground level of the airport you spwan?

If your wing is trying to generate lift, but it doesn’t have enough, the stall horn will sound. Because the wind is likely flowing over your wings, it produces a little bit of lift, hence the stall horn.

Does this make sense? :)

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The problem is you won’t be able to safely takeoff or land with 30 knots of wind. You shouldn’t be spawning in.


What’s the issue here?

The C172 will rotate at 55kts. The fact that you’ve got 30kts of wind shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re just under or near where the stall warning system will trigger.

The reason you won’t find this occurring on an airliner is because the stall speeds are in the 100’s of knots.

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I just think that having the stall warning appear on spawn is alarming because it only flashes and you might think you’ve been ghosted for some reason.

You have to read the text that’s on the screen. I wouldn’t fear getting ghosted if you’re doing things correct. If you know that you’re going to be busting rules or procedures, only then would I say you should be worried. Then again, if you’re still working on figuring out the rules, I would recommend sticking on the Training or Casual server until you feel confident to fly on the Expert Server. 🙂

I removed this from support because this is not an issue with the app. Please only use the #support if you’re experiencing issues with the app. Thanks.

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I’ve read that it is possible to get an aerobatic violation on spawn (by getting flipped over somehow), so that’s why I got alarmed when I couldn’t read the message.
Anyways this can be closed.

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That kind of ghosting will be what’s called a soft ghost. Only boots you from the server. You’ll get 1 aerobatic violation and that should be all, but this soft ghost will not impact your stats when looking at getting into the expert server.