Stall recovery

I know I have none right now, but I witnessed 3 people manage to recover from a stall during approach, so I’m just curious, what was your best recovery from a stall in IF?

Full throttle pitch down

Is my method

My best recovery was back in the region days. I accidentally flew out of bounds and I began to stall just north of Edwards AFB. I pulled out some flaps, turned up the throttle, and pushed the yoke down just a bit. I recovered from the stall just 5,000 ft above “ground” (the ground at that point was just a void). Landed in KEDW safely!

Out of bounds, you also lost engine power? I never tried during those days.


I stalled on approach yesterday, I saved it by adding some power, and pitching down a bit. I eventually went on to butter the bread on my landing. Oh, and all this happened in front of Laura!

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In front of a developer, dear lord!


Ikr! At least I recovered and showed my skills 😂😂


Yea, happens a lot to me when I’m not using APPR. During approach is the worst it can get!

I just forgot, wave the rudder left and right, that’s the worst. You go backwards then.

Stall recovery. if at safe altitudes pitch, power,rudder.

Pitch the airplane down, add full power, right rudder, and recover from the nose down attitude by reducing power once stall is recovered and bringing the nose of the airplane on the horizon.

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Guess I wasn’t specific enough? I’m talking about like a stall during a long haul and recovering with 200 ft remaining. Of course that just an example, don’t know if that actually happened.

In that case, I would do full throttle and full flaps and hope @anon66442947 is not nearby to capture your misery

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He takes a picture and won’t stop talking about that ONE time you crashed into the ground

Oh my, that can be little annoying, suggest we return to topic, avoid veering off it.

A nose down attitude is not always needed, find that spot where the aircraft stalls on your Yoke, if you have the Altitude, then nose down full power, if you don’t pitch below the ‘Critical Angle Of Attack’ you found on your Yoke, this will result in a little loss in Altitude, of course to avoid a spin add rudder accordingly.

Angle Of Attack Is the Main Factor Of stalling, you can stall an aircraft in high speed and a nose down pitch attitude.

It’s not all about Speed.

During a long haul like at 30,000 feet

You asked how to recover from a stall Dillon gave you those steps. I don’t think I’d be a jerk about someone giving you the proper information. Typical stall recovery is 150-200 Feet lost. If you’re stalling at 200 Feet that’s where a lot of aviation accidents occur.

This also wouldn’t have gone in the support category if you did ask how to recover. I suggest you learn a bit more about the forum, and watch the attitude toward other members.


Disconnect autopilot(if it’s still on), TOGA thrust, pitch down. Then go-around if your approach has been botched.