Stall on takoff KDEN


I had a very unfortunate experience taking off of 17right at KDEN. My weight was 413,000 pounds Vr speed was set at 165, N1 was 89% flaps, 1 degree, my takoff pitch was 7.9 degrees. At about 120 knots I raised the nose a bit and held until Vr.

Can anybody tell me what I did wrong on this B789, I am brand new to it and am eager to learn.

Density altitude was about 5,822 feet.

dont judge my VS landing, we turned back and were full :)


What was your aircraft load?
1 degree flaps is too little.
Force your aircraft into a nose down.


Maybe I should have said that I was 1,200 feet above the ground, not a good idea, my recovery was fine. My weight is listed above, 413,000 pounds.

I would use flaps 5, with 40% trim, I use that and I feel comfortable with my climb out with those settings.

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Well, I took off from a 12,000 foot runway so I didn’t want to use more length then needed, though that very well could have been my issue.

Hey! Sorry to hear you stalled. Firstly, your flap configuration is off. I usually see B789 taking off with flaps 15. Secondly, if you wanted to takeoff going 120 you would have to be using a lot of flaps. In this case you were using flaps 1 and what that means is that you need more airspeed to get airborne.

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Appreciate that, though takoff speed was 164, I just help my nose up a tad bit before rotation.

I meant in percentage.

One observation: if your Vr was 165, don’t pick up the nose until that point. A improperly executed rotation can very easily lead to an uncontrolled airplane, thus resulting in your stall.


I know I shouldn’t have, thank you for your advice, I really only do that if there is turbulance to produce drag and hold my speed back in hopes of the turbulance subsiding on final rotation.

In this case, it was discipline control practice :).

Is this simbrief?

@Jordan_Rankin The application he is using is In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)

You should have used 10% or 15% flaps and i always take off fine at that particular airport.


maybe this helps. If you have difficulties how to read these charts just PM me and i will explain in detail to you …

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