Stall on A380 and A330-300

Hello IFC! I am wondering if anybody can help me figure out why both of these airplanes are stalling when I take off?

If you can help, thanks.

Happy flying!

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Is your speed too low? Do you have flaps set?

Check out this topic for the take-off and landing speeds of all aircraft in infinite flight…


Can you send a screenshot of your aircraft before and after takeoff?

Make sure to deploy flaps and rotate at an appropriate speed for your weight.

what is your VS

I always put flaps and calculate the appropriate take off speed

It was 493 just now

You might be climbing to fast.

I recommend rotating at 140-150 knots on the A380. Keep your VS low to gain airspeed and slowly rise up. Make sure flap setting is on 1+F.

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Can we get a number? Appropriate is a pretty subjective term.

Is this problem on any other aircraft?

I go to 160 about and the VS is low most of the time and the flaps are always 1+F

See my post above. If you want a definitive number I would go for 150 knots.

What is your climb speed in knots.

160 knots is the take off speed

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Is your weight too heavy?

200 knots is when I climb

I wasn’t heavy

That’s pretty slow to be climbing I would go for 230 or 240 knots.

Ok thank you