Stall issue

So after an afternoon of flightplanning/simbriefing i have finnally prepared a flight. Crj-900 on solo @ KFAT. Using heavy weight setting and other normal, easy settings. Everything is set up properly, restarted, etc & my aircraft still stalls out about a NM after departure @ 91N1 & 1560fpm vs. what is going wrong here?

Other notable third party mentions-
-virtual hub, anytime i use the default “charts” searching an ICAO, crash occurs.
-IFASSISTANT, does not recognise some CRJ/DC10 platform flaps callouts.

First time posting and being back in a long time and i appreciate any help given. I understand what i am doing & also have screen caps if needed. Aircraft is just stalling out from under me.

What were your flap settings and speed?

Your weight, flap setting and speed is probably what caused you to stall

Watch the tutorial for more info!

Flaps 8, vspeed 155-160. I cant upload my screen recording to here first so ill upload it through youtube and post a link. I rewatched the tutorial to make sure but i did everything right

you can upload your vid here

Speed dropped rapidly from 160 after take off & grear up

When Tyler gets here he will know what to do

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Huh lol my names tyler. Thanks

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ANSWERED: the automatic startup didn’t start second engine. Deleted/redownloaded & fixed. Thanks. Might be due to min fuel on startup.