Stall indicator

When I’m flying I sometimes stall. I think a way to keep this from happening would have a indicator of when you a about to stall on the hud

Just look at the top of your screen. I think that makes it pretty clear if you are about to stall.


This already exists. On the top, there will be an “Approaching stall” message.


Make sure you have the warning turned on under your settings.

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I know that but I think it would be cool to have it were you could see the speed you would stall at

All this requires is a simple google search. Some aircraft such as the Dash-8 have a flap and stall chart off to the side of the cockpit, like in real life.


One solution to not stalling is to… not stall. If you have enough airspeed, you shouldn’t be getting this warning. If you are, you need to correct that error and choose a higher airspeed.


You should know the stall speed by simple thinking. If you have a 787 and the last time you stalled you were 20% loaded and stalled at 110 knots (not accurate but for examples). You just need to think your stall speed will be around 16 knots higher when fully loaded.

Or you could not stall and never get below 180 knots when not on final.

Adding to what everyone else is saying, you have should get more practice really watching and getting a feel for how the aircraft is behaving. If you see that your pitch is increasing and speed is continuously dropping you something should start going off in your head that tells you something isn’t quite right. This obviously means you have to pay attention while actually flying which a lot of people (including myself) don’t always do.

Why do you stall sometimes? There should be no reason to stall unless you are experimenting. 😂👍