Stall and airspeed

I was flying on the advance server in the Caribbean using a dash-8 ( bombardier). I was on approach to saint Martin’s when the controller told me to head to 0°. So I start turning left. While waiting I was in a altitude of 7’000 feat and going 230 knots. I started slowing down and getting the plane ready for touch down. I extended the flaps to 35 and got the throttle to 50%. While I was waiting I got distracted and forgot to set the trim to compensate the flaps. So the nose pitvh up about 80° and the airplane goes into a stall. So I did the obvious thing to get the nose down (I retracted the flaps and the gear) while I was recovering I exceeded the 250 knots and got a violation and now I can’t play on it for 3 days.

You are only supposed to use 35° of flaps on steep approaches, like at EGLC.


Normal approach is flaps 15, airspeed 110-115kts. I guess just watch your airspeed more, sucks that you got a violation.