Stall Alarms in Boeing 777-300ER

Hello, I don’t seem to be receiving stall alarms (audible or text) in the 777-300ER. Has anyone else noticed this? I receive them in any other airplane…

And are you actually entering a stall?


Real life planes need to enter in a stall and recover to receive their certification.

Yes, I do know that. I am wondering whether you actually entered a stall or not in the game…

If you go to settings under general there is an enable helper messages make sure it turned on.

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He says it is no audio OR sound actually. Just pointing out.

Just confirmed that I am actually entering a stall, stalled and crashed five times just to be sure - no alarms. Helper messages are turned on, I receive the alarms in any other aircraft. Weird… maybe it’s just me.

@Big_Papa I don’t get the stall warning in the 777-300er either but I get it in other aircraft!

Thanks, I’m glad to know it’s not just me! Sounds like this is a legitimate bug.

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Yes I think it is!

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I just tried it and the sound works just before I crash but I started stalling way before the sound actually came on. Try stalling from 10,000ft and letting your 77W plummet to the ground. Yaw the rudder side to side to increase the stall and let me know if sound works just before crashing.

I’ve tried and I got nothin!

Hmmm…I don’t know then, sorry mate!

Same issue with the 777-200ER, FYI.

First of all, you really shouldn’t be stalling, if you are then keep a close eye on the airspeed to prevent this :D

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It’s kind of nice to if you do, to get a warning of it.

What’s your device and version etc…?

What’s your device and its version?

Try unmuting your device. If the sounds are on mute, it can block out the sound.