Stall After Takeoff

I assume you mean don’t start the takeoff roll until at full thrust?

So you don’t waste any of the runway roll length at less than full acceleration?

Yeah but considering this is LAX that’s probably not neccesary, even loaded up completely that A321 is doing 250+ at the end of the runway. OP just rotated too soon.

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I agree. I didn’t get the meaning on the first read, using brakes to sling shot.

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For that aircraft, rotate at around 150 knots, and your trust should be anywhere in the 80s, not 100% thrust

Yeah just if you wanna T/O without any flaps for whatever reason. Just don’t do it on the ES. It is used irl in smaller airports. I don’t mean to say do it in any airport say for instance like KLAX.

It is about time we get the new C208, which is actually supposed to takeoff without flaps, on long runways! :)

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what does it look like

You will never see a plane take off without flaps irl (except specific type) they are needed to generate more lift and avoid the situation you got in.

Here it is :


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that is already is in the game

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I know, but it is being reworked and will be nicer to fly when it comes out!

This sometimes happens to me while I am using a passeger A330
It is rare but I stall after takeoff even with flaps 2

Hi, there is a tradeoff between weight, speed, altitude temperature, available engine power., and how fast you can climb.

If you are stalling there are two causes: 1)pulling up too abruptly, 2)loss of sufficient forward speed, or IAS, to maintain flight.

If you fail to maintain sufficient forward speed because your IAS can’t be maintained, it is because of the reason given at the top.

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