Stall after takeoff

Directly after takeoff I keep stalling. Happened in an A321 at 150 knots takeoff speed. No wind, light load, V/S 2600 after takeoff, straight out. Happened again at 80 knots with a Cessna 208…
Am I doing something wrong?

Start with a Lower VS
Like 2000-2200


what flaps are you using?

Flaps 10 on the 208. Forgot the flaps on the A321

I started with 1000 and went up but my airspeed just goes down.

When I try to takeoff in the 208, after reaching 80 knots, I pull up. VS 1000. After about ten seconds my airspeed drops to 50 and I stall.

More a pilot error…

Use the HUD to determine your pitch (each horizontal line is 5 degrees). Only pitch up about 5 degrees until off the ground, then continue to rotate until pitch is 10-15 degrees. Retract gear. Add a bit of power if needed to accelerate towards 250kts. Adjust your pitch to maintain your speed (if you slow down, lower your pitch).

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I’ll try to see if that works.

And what N1 value are you setting the engines to on the A321?

90 percent

Can we get to see a video of what you experience?

That’ll take too much time right now.

My tips:

Takeoff about 10 kts more than the takeoff speed. Put your flaps at around 5-15%, depending on the runway lenght. When airborn, get to 200 knots before you start ascending at a VS of 2500/3000. If, you recall your flaps after you reach a speed of 200kts, and a VS of 2500. For a safe ascend, make sure you have a steady rate.

I also had that problem, and the solution for that is pull up at airspeed 155-165

Maybe go a bit faster on the ground and pull up less?

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