Stairs Truck instead of Jet Bridge deploying at KSFO

ipad air 4

Make sure you park the aircraft properly at the gate. Because if the aircraft isnt parked where it should be, the stairs will deploy instead of bridge. If there is no guidance screen present at the gate use the exterior camera to marshall the aircraft.

Hope thats the case.


What gate is this? SFO is being completely reworked.


It looks like you’re an airport editor—check the editing category for information about this. As Adam said, the airport is being reworked so you’ll see the incomplete state on your end.

The jetbridges are not linked to the gates yet so when you request a jetbridge, the app thinks there’s nothing in the vicinity. Thus, you get stairs instead. By design! Kind of.


not to mention the fact that you took the pic in the dark at night which doesn’t help us see


I’ve experienced this at EKCH as well!