Stairs Truck instead of Jet Bridge deploying at EKCH

Device: Samsung Galaxy A80
Operating system: Android 11 One UI 3.1

I recently completed a flight arriving at Copenhagen Airport (CPH/EKCH) which has the 3D objects. I then proceeded to park at Pier B B19. This particular gate has ground guidance and a jet bridge. After parking, I turned on the ground services, which included the Passenger one. However, I noticed that instead of the jet bridge deploying, the stairs car spawned instead and went through the jet bridge.

I also tested this in Solo and Casual Server after the flight and the same issue occurred.

NOTE: I already saw a couple of other support topics with the same issue but not regarding EKCH so I’ll post it anyway. I was also perfect on the stand guidance on arrival, and also was perfectly aligned as I spawned into the Solo and Casual tests.

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Thanks for the report. I shall investage this and forward the issue to the editor. 🙂


Without having yet taken a closer look at this gate, it appears that you are parked too close to the jet bridge. Is this still an issue after spawning at the gate or are you only experiencing this when taxiing into it?

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Both. But the jetbridge location was the same when I parked and spwaned, so it’s always that close.

I’ve since taken a closer look and it does appear that this is an issue given that an error message is showing on my end. I’ll have this forwarded to the editor of the airport and hopefully, a fix will come soon. Thanks for the report!