Stairs instead of jetbridge at MIA

See below :
iPad 7th gen
IOS 15

This happened
at MIA & MEX. MIA on arrival and MEX on departure.

Hey! If I’m not wrong I think it’s a known issue and from what I’ve seen it’s been passed to the editor. I’m not 100% sure though.

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Look like you gotta pull up some more

Tried that didn’t work

Hello! There are a few known (and fixed) gates at Miami with its jetbridges connecting to aircraft. Would you be able to provide the gates at both airports you were at so we can ensure they can be fixed for the future?


Alright. At Mexico it was gate: Terminal 2 Gate 53
Miami I don’t know since it was a random gate at arrival

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These will be addressed in future app updates. Thanks for the reports!