Stair animation error

Hi, I’ve noticed that as part of the animation sequence on the stairs, the metal support arm extends after the stairs are in place. I may be wrong but I believe that these parts should be permanently connected.


I know that this is a really minor issue but I just thought that I would mention it. Thanks for the amazing work you are all doing.


It happened same for me so I think it is supposed to be like that. If not it was probably a known issue from the 22.4 thread.

I doubt it’s from before 22.4 as that is when animated GSE was released. I think it’s likely an error in the animation sequence. Because irl, stairs like that are normally angled lower when moving etc, which isn’t represented in IF. And when they reach an aircraft they’d have to be angled back up, and I believe those metal arms would be responsible for that.


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