Stailak’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

I will close if no one come 😞

@Stailak you say you’re training for your practical. Could you tell us who your recruiter is?

What practical exactly are you training for? Is it to become IFATC and control on expert?


I have no recruiter I rely on learning by YouTube
I train to become an IFATC and are control on expert

Hello, fellow community members, I would like to announce that I am currently operating for an hour to practice for my practical! It would be great to have your feedback as it would help me massively to be able to provide great ATC services to the community!
Server: Training
Airport: EGCC
Open Runways: 23R , 23L
Frequencies: Ground & Tower

You realize that in order to control on expert for IFATC, you have to contact a recruiter first.

If you want to try to become IFATC please go here.


Oh I see what you’re saying. If I could give you some friendly advice:

What you’re doing is practicing your ATC skills so that you can be in IFATC at some point, it would be best to say that instead of saying you practice for your practical.

In order to practice for your practical you first need to contact a recruiter and pass your written assessment, but it probably got lost in translation somewhere. It’s just a little misleading if you say you’re practicing for your practical test.

I’ll try to come by at some point when you open and so some patterns :)


Do you need the frequency Approach?

Nice runway change Corp 211

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You always need to give pattern entry to inbound aircraft. You did not give virgin 787 Pattern entry, you just cleared him to land


I’m coming

You welcome 😀

I’ll come. But I can’t give you feedback as I’m really bad at ATC. 😂

You are Welcome 😁

HEY… hello… N776DL INBOUND!!! :) 🛫✈🛬

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I couldn’t stay long, let me know if you have any specific questions


Alright, you have improved a lot since last time, but there are some things you need to be aware of still:

  1. I had to execute 2 or 3 go around’s and it was me who took the decision when that’s actually your responsibility.

  2. You told me “number 2, traffic to follow is on left base” when the traffic was on left downwind.

  3. You cleared the person behind me as number 1 when I was still 2 NM out of the runway. Please check how many people there are in the pattern.

  4. About that KLM who was 30nm out you have him a pattern entry as “enter right downwind rwy 05R” and the best option was “enter right base rwy 05R”. But the problem with him is you cleared him to land when he was 30 nautical miles out. You can’t do that if there are more people in your airspace.

  5. Exit runway command was good!

Well done, keep practicing!


Hello ! I was BAVA309.

There where a couple of things that you did wrong. (I think)

  1. You said to me: “Number 2, behind traffic on left downwind” but the plane in front of me was already on final.

  2. I had to execute 1 go around but it was me that took the decision when normally it’s your responsibility.

  3. After my go around I landed but you didn’t told me to exit the runway.

Otherwise you did a great job !

(Correct me if I’m wrong because as I said before I’m not really good at ATC)


Airport closed

Thank for who’s coming and give feedback

Hello… I was N776DL…
So some good and bad things… its evident that you watched those YouTube vids so A+ to you for that. Good job trying to deal with that troll or noob what ever he was

Good Stuff

  • Ground control was good

  • I got a sequence and clearance on every circuit sooo… GOOD JOB

  • Exit command was good


  • Remember who called first for takeoff when there are more then one plane at the runway at different intersections, @Edivan_dcds was there first but he seemed to be forgotten about

  • You kept getting mixed up when saying who to follow and their position when giving sequences… I would review what the legs are called in the traffic pattern and make sure you know how many planes there are in your pattern

  • Make sure you know where an aircraft Is on your field, if there is an aircraft on the rwy when there is a plane on final make sure you have the incoming plane go around, You should preemptively give the command to go around before the pilot has to call it

  • You dont have to give a new pattern entry or a new clearance when someone who is in the pattern calls full stop… just acknowledge with roger and you’re done, they are just telling you they are done with their pattern work

Overall it was alot better then before, still have some stuff to work on. Keep watching the vids, read the ATC manual and KEEP PRACTICING… GOOD JOB

PS… If someone entered the rwy when they shouldnt have, hit misc msgs, then hit the exit runway in that section… the exit runway command on the main screen is just for after landing