Stailak’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello, fellow community members, I would like to announce that I am currently operating for an hour to practice for my practical! It would be great to have your feedback as it would help me massively to be able to provide great ATC services to the community!
Server: Training
Airport: EDDF
Open Runways: 25R , 25C, 25L ,36
Frequencies: Ground & Tower

I will stop by for a bit.

You sent Test Flight 8 on left traffic and me on right, but I think it would have been better to line me up behind him on left traffic. Also you might want to clear your aircraft for the option.

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Thank you for feedback

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There’s no need to make 3 ATC threads, 1 is fine, just keep updating the title when you are closed and open and announce it in a post that you are open and what airport, etc


It’s open now

Open for one hour

Still open 😬

I’m coming by again

I will come by in 10 minutes

If you are going to do a tracking thread you have to allow patternwork it is how we test you.

I do mistake

Ok I am sorry but there is no way you are training for your practical and let alone pass your written you did not clear me for landing and continuously gave me wrong commands when I was on right downwind I announced I was on right downwind you told me to enter right downwind you should of cleared me to land but you never cleared anyone. Could you please tell me who your ATC recruiter is.


Some comments I don’t know what should I do

I have only two weeks starting ATC

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I trying to learn how to use pattern work

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So you have not contacted a recruiter so you should take the training for practical out of the post and watch these videos.

Hey there! Seem you don’t how to do with ATC. Watch the tutorial made by Tyler the link below.

Or go to this category.



. Ground was okay but you have to let us remain in the pattern.

. Clearing for landing you have to clear us so we can land.
. Sequenceing is when you tell one aircraft which aircraft to follow this is a must for IFATC.

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Yes do exactly what they said, go watch those vids and I recommend reading the ATC manual… after doing that stuff what I’m going to tell you down below will make more sense…

  • ground control was ok, it would’ve been good if you told that Lufthansa plane or Myself to hold position as I was approaching him on the taxi way

  • you never gave anyone a clearance to land or the option… every plane has to get a clearance in order to land

  • dont give pattern entry commands if remaining in the pattern, just give a sequence if needed and a clearance

  • there was alot of “over controlling”, dont send a “wait for clearance before landing” command when they are still in the air

  • Every plane should get and exit command once the reach below around 70 knots


  • For remaining in the pattern (EVERY TIME)- after takeoff, give a sequence IF NEEDED, Then give a clearance for the option EVERY TIME
  • if someone Is coming from outside your airspace to land- give a pattern entry, sequence if needed, then give a clearance to land
  • if remaining in the pattern and they request a RWY change OR comming from outside your airspace for a touch and go- ALWAYS give a pattern entry for the new RWY. Then IF NEEDED give a sequence. Then ALWAYS give a clearance for option making left or right traffic


there seems to be a lack of understanding on basic ATC fundamentals, you HAVE to go watch those vids and go check out the ATC tutorials category that @Gabe_Z pointed out. I also reccomend going to other members ATC tracking threads and seeing how other people are doing ATC… Keep practicing, you’ll get there


Thank you very much for your feedback

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