okay so i know this has nothing to do with the game but i just want to put this out here because pretty much everyone here knows the staff but cant we all agree that the staff who made this game are very nice and they deal with a lot like people bugging them about the A350 and you have the moderators moderating the community, i personally love infinite flight its a great game. so i just want to dedicate all the hard work to the staff, game developers and the moderators, and i want to thank all of them for this ame and the community.


Yes. If you don’t like to see the devs being bugged about the A350 and complaining about getting a C172 rework, then don’t look at the IF Instagram page.

I fully agree. They do an incredible job overall.

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where do you see ii was complaining about the A350 and C17?

Another great way to thank the IF team is to go to your respective App Store and leave a 5-star review! They surely appreciate it and it helps out Infinite Flight.


I fully agree, the staff are amazing here! Keep up the great work!

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i have already done that

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They do a great job don’t you Ewan. 👍

totally not bias


I hope I can speak for staff when I say thank you for the kind words. The best way to show appreciation is with a 5 star review on the app store.

Being an online mobile application includes some unique opportunities to engage with the fan base via social media. Community is a strong component of Infinite Flight and while you may see the same questions over and over which you may find annoying, they are people like you and me who are excited for the app and are looking for information. The responses online from the staff will often direct them to the community which helps with their education, meeting new people, and to grow the overall community.

I am going to close the thread as we typically close these types of threads from turning off-topic. Thank you for understanding.