How do I get ahold of a moderator or a staff. Because one of my posts got flagged and I don’t see a reason for it to be flagged. I just need to like PM a moderator or staff

Feel free to change category if general is wrong

Yeah this is #meta

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You can just pm one of the staff by clicking on their profile and clicking the message button

There’s no recent posts on your account with active flags. If you received a message about it being hidden, it’s probably been flagged by a user but the flag was rejected.

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Well there was a post (I’ll see if I can pull it up) and I was stating that he had a funny joke. It was something about the strong winds near Sydney or something

So you’re asking about a flag from 7 days ago?!

As far as I know it’s still there. And yes I guess. Am I not supposed to?

It was off-topic. I ignored the flag, which basically is a middle ground between agreeing and rejecting the flag.

Oh ok you can close this. I was just wondering. Because they do count against you. Thanks

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