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MaxAsks: Recently noted unable to initiate Flag, Drop Down will not accept
reason input or text, activate button remains dark, will not respond. Additionally, has address “Moderator(s)” been deactivated?

@moderators seems to still exist, but not appear in the suggestions. For the other issues, can you please confirm you are using either Google Chrome or Safari?

IPad Air, Safari. Moderators ad address does not respond

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@Insertusernamehere. MaxSez Note resolution check. Unresolved pls defer to Staff.

@Insertusernamehere. MaxSez. Note resolution check. Must I PM IF Staff direct?

@Insertusernamehere. MaxSez: Unresolved, unresponsive will defer to PM on the hour.

Try to refresh your page, or reboot Safari. See what happens. :)

Hi Max. What exactly is it you are having trouble with? We can’t quite put our finger on it.


@MishaCamp… Thanks for your attention this issue. Have been unable to initiate the “Flag” function. Drop down will not accept input or activeate.
Persistent problem… Initially contacted Carson by PM who had no solution for this Probable system glich. Noted yr catagory change. Believed Support was appropriate. Additionally, have used “Moderators” address for informal communication with Mod’s when I was unsure who was on duty.
That address is no longer responding. Is it still active and viable?

(Reboot/Refreash/Reload App did not resolve issue))

So firstly, do you have a screenshot just to help out? We were having issues a few days ago where we also could not flag posts that had no response yet, i.e there had to be a comment before it could be flagged as a topic. Is this the issue you are having?

We regard to the category change, #support is only for issues pertaining to the Infinite Flight app itself. Any issues with the forum belong in #meta for future reference.


@MishaCamp… Now understand diff in categories, thanks.

Here’s Screen Shot Flag Just initiated: Unableto add comment in in text box, Message box remains dark/inactive.

I believe you now normally have to type something in before you back flag it that way. Can you try that for me on any post in this topic?

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Misha… Must be a Brain Fart, can’t figure what “I” did incorrectly in the past.
Everything appears fine now. What about the “Moderators” address am I screwing that up to? Really sorry for the rubarb I will PM insta guy for my snappy come back on the Support posts… I’m just getting old, slow and
Forgetful. I appreciate your kind attention. Warm Regards. Max


@Insertusernamehere… Pls see my regrets PM. Regards, Max


We don’t actually get notifications when people tag us in that. We have to manually go to a specific inbox. It is more for us to use ourselves.