Staff recruitment

We are now looking to recruit new staff members for Fresh Air Connect VA where we strive to create an excellent and fun environment for pilots whom can solely tailor the VA to their needs by having the opportunity to request to have fleet additions and routes added with no restrictions as well as our staff having the same opportunity, further details can be found at our website

Positions we have available are;

  • Recruiter - Responsible for the recruitment of pilots for the VA.

  • Chief Pilot - Responsible for ensuring pilot activity and skill is constant and of a high standard to maintain professionalism, liaising with the Pilot Instructor to provide training to pilots where required.

  • Head of Public Relations - This role is responsible for ensuring the VA is operating with professionalism and realism as well as dealing with any enquiries for partnerships and any other public related enquiries.

  • Pilot Instructor - This role is to alongside of the Chief Pilot who will refer pilots to this staff member to support new and existing pilots throughout their time with our VA to provide any training where needed to ensure that pilots fully understand the start up procedure including correct use of aircraft lights and when to use them and the correct flying procedure as well as following ALL of the ATC communications/instructions when flying for our VA.

Requirements to apply;

  • Must be 13+ years of age.

  • Must be able to use correct grammar and speak good English.

  • Must have a PRO subscription and a legitimate copy of Infinite Flight.

  • Must be TL2 and in good standing on the IFC forums.

  • Must be able to log your own flights at least 1 every two weeks.

Benefits of joining us;

Upon successful appointment with our VA you will be able to select one hub and one route to add to our routes/hubs database and will be able to contribute to ideas for future events once we are approved by IFVARB.

To apply for any of the above vacancies please email with what position you would like to apply for and why you think you are suitable for the role you are applying for, please also include your IFC name in the subject box or email so we can contact you with our decision.

Thank you,

The Fresh Air Connect VA team

Hello there, if you are in the IFVARB approcal process, please use the dedicated request thread.


If you are not in the approval process, you are not allowed to post in this category. If you want to post here, you must get your virtual airline IFVARB approved. Do that, visit, and they will help you get approved. The process usually takes about three weeks… Sometimes more sometimes less. If you were in the approval process, you can post in the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread, Where you could find many other airlines and the approval process doing the same thing. Good luck with your virtual airline!

Ohh can I still apply because I’ve only been free from my last staff position for just over a month?

I haven’t applied yet as I can’t because I haven’t been free from my last staff position with a VA for 3 months yet

Can I apply pls

No, you have to wait 90 days… You’ve only waited 30. You will have to wait 60 more days in order to apply, then you have to wait until you’re in the process to put the thread up on the staff thread

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This isn’t the place to do that. Especially since it isn’t approved yet.

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You cannot apply for this yet as it is not IFVARB approved. (well you can, but you can’t start operation yet)

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Please wait until you are in the IFVARB recruitment process before posting for staff in the thread linked above.

Thanks for the understanding!