Staff For Hire at My VA

Hey guys!

My VA has currently no staff. Please message me via Personal Message (PM) if you would like to become staff.

How to become staff?

  1. All requirements must be checked. Please read the requirements below.
  2. Be Interviewed


  1. Atleast 12 years of age
  2. Must be atleast Grade 3
  3. Must have access to expert server
  4. Must have an IF-PRO subscription
  5. Must have discord. Our communication system will be discord.

If you have checked those requirements, you may move onto the interview.

First, PM me about this. I will tell you my discord tag.


What airline is your VA?


LOT Polish Virtual Airlines

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I believe you need approval from the IFVARB before posting threads like this.


No. If you are looking for staff you can.

(i think)

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Do you have a VA website yet?

Yes, i do.

Please continue via PM.

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Im just here connecting some dots, but @Captain_Awerty 's profile Pic is a LOT one, plus, (based on his biography) he seems to really fit your needs! (Sorry for the mention if it was an inconvenient)

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I’m still pretty sure IFVARB still has to give prior permission for the post, have you requested it?


I think you’re right on that from what I know.

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