Staff Callsigns As Plane Registrations

Who has noticed on some aircraft in IF that some of the plane registrations are callsigns of the staff that they use to fly in IF?


Air France 78X’s registration: F-CAST
Eva Air 78X’s registration: B-MISHA
United 78X’s registration: N1TJ

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Pretty sure one of the British Airways aircraft is G-MISH/G-MISHA

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Never realised that before on the aircraft… might take a look the next time I fly… Is that on purpose by the devs or its the real registrations?

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G-MISH is a Cessna C182 Skylane. The other two examples are nonexistent.

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Isn’t that on an A318 as well?

N1TJ is a Dassault Falcon

Not IRL, but maybe in IF.

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Really? I got no results from flightradar24.

G-MISHA is also a A319 ACJ Livery 5, just so happens to be my favorite ACJ livery for that plane.

Does @DeerCrusher have a registration yet?

Yeah I think it is too.

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On the red A318 Private. D-YLAN

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A while ago, there was a landing contest to get the registration of one of the 787 liveries. I believe the registration was taken from the winner’s callsign, pretty cool if you ask me!


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