Staff Appreciation Week - A series of awesome events!

Howdy folks!!
I was thinking it seems to me that we always ask for new features, etc. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but I think we should give some THANKS. I have prepared a series of events throughout next week, a day per staff member. During that day the controllers will man the battle stations in the specific region for the day. This is your time to show the staff how much we appreciate them!

All events on advanced unless otherwise stated.

Let’s show these guys some love.

Thomas Galvin

Sunday, David- prop tour through the mountains of Seattle

Who- Anybody is free to come! Being held on the advanced server.
What- A tour through the mountains in your favorite small prop plane! A relaxing escape from the busy airports.
Where- Seattle Region, Airport TBA
When- Sunday May 8, region will be staffed all day, and the tour begins at 7PM GMT.
Why- Thanking our awesome support guy for all his hard work in planning events, and always being around to answer questions.

Small prop planes only during the tours please!

Monday, Jarno- Fly in event in Honolulu.

Who- eveyrbody who has access to the advanced server and Hawaii region.
What- a fly in event into Honolulu International Airport from PHTO
Where- Hawaii Region, advanced server, fly in PHTO-PHNL
When- Monday, May 9th at 4:00PM GMT the region will be staffed the entire day by ATC.
Why- Not many people know what Jarno does, and he seems to have little recognition! Let’s show him that we all appreciate everything he does for Infinite Flight.

Any Passenger jet! No prop planes or fighter jets.

Tuesday, Philippe- Airshow!

Who- Anybody can participate as spectators or participants. No scoring, just for fun. All competitors must take off from
What- An Airshow for spectators and participants alike! You can do stunts, flyovers and anything of the sort!
Where- LFPG. Spectators are asked to stay here. The fly over and stunts will be over this airport. LFOE will be the take off airport for participants. FREE FLIGHT SERVER ONLY
When- The event will be Tuesday, May 10th at 4:00PM GMT. The region will be staffed throughout the day on advanced.
Why- Honoring Philippe, one of the founders of Infinite Flight. He really got the ball rollin (pun intended)

All participants are asked to message me confining their activity. In the situation where we have a lack of participants, a new event will be scheduled for the same day. Events scheduled after Tuesday WILL NOT be accepted. Any plane is accepted.

Wednesday, Tyler Shelton- Fighter Jet Sprint.

Who- Anybody, free flight server.
What- A fighter jet race to KSSC! Get there as fast as possible and post your time screenshots! Be sure to have your “flight time” selected in your toolbar!
Where- KPOB-KSSC a flight to the finish!
When - Wednesday May 11th at 6PM GMT. The region will be staffed during the day.
Why- Tyler has relentless dedication to Infinite Flight and ATC in specific. You can thank him for helping manage and create ATC in Infinite Flight

Thursday, Mark- Spitfire event around KOSH.

Who- Anybody is free to come. It is on the advanced server.
What- A fun event, flying in the pattern or back and forth between KOSH and KMWC. As a friendly competition, see how many patterns you can do! (full pattern landing, and takeoff again equals 1)
When- Thursday, May 12th region is staffed all day, and the main event will be held at 7PM GMT- 8:30 GMT
Why- We want to say thanks for all the help Mark has done, and welcome Flying Development Studios newest staff member!

Spitfires only during the event please!

Friday, Matt- a Stroll around San Francisco.

Who- anybody, advanced server.
What- A nice easy flight around San Francisco, no “Jumbo” jets please. Do patterns between KSFO and KOAK or KSJC.
Where-San Francisco region, KSFO, KOAK, KSJC
When- Friday, May 13th at 2PM GMT (FNF will follow)
Why- Do I even need to explain? Matt is one of the lead developers of Infinite Flight, and let’s just say without him, we would not be on the same people as we are today.

No “heavy” or “super” planes please!

Saturday, Valentin-Southern Florida beach flight.

Who- Anybody who wants to enjoy a low flying beach flight!
What- A low and slow propeller flight along the coast of Florida.
Where- Southern Florida, no specific airports but stick to the coast!
When- All day Saturday. The main coast flight will begin around 1AM GMT.
Why- Valentin is the newest developer to be added to the new team. We have yet to see his first features but I’m sure they will be great! I can’t wait to see what he does with the Infinite Flight World.


What about this guy? :P @carmalonso


He is not “technically” a staff member.

Still deserves as much appreciation for the hard work he has done for the game and community.


Oh. I see how it is…

[cries in corner]


Aren’t enough days in the week.

Dw your day will come one day

Staff appreciation WEEKS.

I was about to ask, what about Cameron? Make an exception and make this an 8 day week.

I’ll miss most of them as I have school all week. 😑 I might be able to catch the Saturday event though. 🙂

Sorry @carmalonso… I know that feel bro.



What about our dear friend @Carson? 😥


id love to get involved with the airshow.

I think you guys are missing the point…lol

I’ll try to get on this =D looks fun to be joining these varietion of events in 1 week. Though its 4 midnight flights, just hoping that im getting the days right, i always mistake the dates and end up 1 day earlier for no reason =p

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Still don’t get it what they mean by “staffs”… No @carmalonso and @Carson? Huh? I’m really puzzled… Please do define what you guys mean by staffs in here…

He means paid staff.

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Aww now I get it… But @JFKPlaneSpotter and you guys pay with time! ^^

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If we did everybody that “paid with their time” this could go on for years. Isn’t quite practical ;)

I have upmost respect for Cameron and everybody who contributes in some way, shape, or form to Infinite Flight. That being said I just don’t think it’s practical to honor each and every person. If you would like there are some threads about honoring and appreciating people, feel free to go search it up here on the forums and add people who you think deserve it.

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