Staff Appreciation Livery

So this is a livery request. What I would love to see is staff appreciation liveries. The staff and devs do a lot of work to make this game great, I think they need some appreciation. I would love to see a livery that they created on their favorite GA aircraft in the game.

Pretty sure that’s what the infinite flight livery is for. But i could see this, but i don’t think it will be a thing because dev/staff have registration/tail numbers for them, look at all the 78X based off people who helped develop and test them. A318 has a “Misha” Livery. The devs add little tricks for themselves. And they know we appreciate their work, when they release a new update, and you see in the thread announcing it, hundreds and hundreds of comments of people being excited and thankful. That’s why they do it. Laura and Philippe made a dream into a reality. Added a few more staff and now we have this amazing simulator. 772 in the works with new engine sounds, apu sounds, and probably much more. This community appreciates all the work the small team does and they already know that:)


Oh wow I did not know that about the A319 and 78X.