Staff/Admin Thanks Flyout/Flyin! KFLL signups. 152000ZFEB20 and 162000ZFEB20

I’ll take this gate ;)

Sorry @Deercrusher! I’ll fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Sure @anon42527263! You will be signed up. Which wave though?

Wave one please and thank you :)

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I fixed the title. How is it?

Also, do I need to edit anything in the thread?

Sure @anon42527263. You have been signed up!

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Gates, gates, gates! Connect flight with legs! Fly to another airport from KFLL and then fly a second leg to another airport.

Ex: Fly Delta to JFK from KFLL. Switch planes at JFK. Then fly Delta B772LR to Mumbai in second leg.

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All Southwest pilots, every Southwest flights have a 1.5x multiplier! Partnered with Southwest Virtual through @anon42527263!

We are happy to have partnered with Southwest Virtual!

Website | Booking Website | Crew Center | Instagram | Southwest Virtual 2019

We are glad to announce @anon89274317 as a new partner for this event!

All pilots from Global Airtours are eligible for 1.5x time multiplier on any flight!

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Proud to have partnered with @Finnair_Virtual!

All Finnair pilots can get up to 3x multiplier for the Miami to Helsinki route, which will be flown in the A350! KMIA thread yet to open!

Crew Center | Apply | IFVARB

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Happy to announce @NonStop-Virtual as a new partner!

2x multiplier on all Lufthansa flights only! KTPA, KMIA, and KMCO threads yet to open!

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Please add your callsigns when you sign up! This will ensure more efficiency in the event! Thanks!

Is there a particular reason why this is in #general and not #live:events


@Levet It was in #live:events earlier, I think he must’ve changed it by accident. I have changed it back to #live:events.


@Levet and @ButterAllDay, Wait, it was never in General. Sorry if it was, I must have been editing and something went wrong… Thanks @ButterAllDay for the change!

@Levet, since this is a thank you event for the staff and moderators, would you like a gate? We’d love to have some staff members and moderators participate in an event dedicated to them :)

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It’s all good. And l will get a gate in another thread probably :)

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I’ll take Wave 1 but where are all of the the 🌲 fitty aircraft? 😎


@Levet, tree fitty aircraft? I’m not sure I understand. @ButterAllDay, need your help …

@Levet, let me know which flight you would like and what your callsign will be on the day of the event. We’d love to take pictures of you and IFC members flying that day, and callsign will make it more efficient :)

By the way, we also have flights to KTPA and KMCO as first legs and then you can sign up for another flight from KTPA or KMCO to some other place as a second leg.

A350 = 🌲 tree 50


Wow @Levet, I’m mindblown for actual :)

A350 aircraft is in Miami and Orlando.

Here we have Norwegian B787s and Emirates B772s.