Staff/Admin Thanks Flyout/Flyin! KFLL signups. 152000ZFEB20 and 162000ZFEB20

Thanks @TaipeiGuru! I’m yet to post signups for KTPA, KMCO, and KMIA. I will post ATC slots.

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Wave 1- E07

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Sure @James_Digby! You’ve been signed up for wave 1, gate E07. American to Charlotte-Douglas!

IFATC ATC Time Slots are now open!!

Waves don’t matter. Time slots are in Zulu time and day.

Slots can have 1 or more IFATC Controllers. This is to manage traffic better, however, it is not required to have more than 1 IFATC controller. Time slots are in increments of 1 hour each.

P.S: @TaipeiGuru, slots are open now.


By the time this starts Asiana Virtual Airline will be working, Can you make it Partnered with 17 VAs?


But we have no routes from the event @DanyyRude

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well make em, Why shoud we stick to our regular routes well make a special route and yeah, In fact Ill get on that right now.


@DanyyRude, you can codeshare, but we can only add you once you are approved by IFVARB, just like my upcoming VA isn’t in the partnership list.

Would you like a gate instead?

Ill tell you when we are ready then can you add us, I wont take a gate because unless its a VA Event ill just forget about it ngl.


@DanyyRude, alright! Hope for the best for Asiana Virtual.

There’s one more thing everyone!

Suppose you want your final destination to be RJTT. @Haru’s final destination is RJTT from KFLL, but he will fly the United B738 to KSFO and then change to the B772 to fly from KSFO to RJTT. This way, you are connected to more places than ever! If you choose routes such as that, I will write a note on the side of your signup row.

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Ill make so nice stuff up, Mabey do the event as a Cross Country leg, KFLL To KSFO Then we fly so Inchon


The A350 crashed my game rn so I can’t

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im saying for the event

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Yep, I can try accommodating something like that, but not at KFLL until unless someone wants a gate like that. I can try at KMIA for you @DanyyRude

whats the time difference on like when the KMIA Flyout? when is it

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Same day, probably about 30 mins after the KFLL stuff ends, I will start KMIA or KMCO flyout.

Everyone, I’d like to announce @ButterAllDay as my co-partner in this event!

Happy to have you on board @ButterAllDay!

Just a message (Not related to event details; just a thanks):

@Jasonrosewell, @MishaCamp, @Deercrusher, @Marc, @Laura, and the many more moderators, staff members, IFVARB board members, IFATC, and the entire IFC:

Thanks for all you do for the community! IF has progressed so much. What was once a game for me is now a huge part of my life. We have some of the best discussions and events over here. I can’t even find people to interact with about aviation nearby, and this is the best place to discuss for me.

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@anon41771314 has now joined our team of hosts.

Happy to have you here @anon41771314!

Everyone, please sign up for KFLL gates!

Also, if your VA partnered with us, ask them if you are eligible for a multiplier.

Spoiler: Watch out for a nice multiplier in the KMIA thread when it comes out :)

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Title overload

Lets adjust it so that it doesn’t fill up my whole phone. Just a simple title and the date & time of the event is all that is needed.

Dont need:

  • the number of people attending
  • number of VA’s attending
  • slots open
  • “awaiting IFATC approval”
  • hosts and the tagged names

Staff/Admin Flyout/Flyin @ KFLL 152000ZFEB20 is all that you need.

Failure to follow these simple instructions will result in the topic being shut down. Thanks!