Staff/Admin Thanks Flyout/Flyin! KFLL signups. 152000ZFEB20 and 162000ZFEB20

whats the time difference on like when the KMIA Flyout? when is it

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Same day, probably about 30 mins after the KFLL stuff ends, I will start KMIA or KMCO flyout.

Everyone, I’d like to announce @ButterAllDay as my co-partner in this event!

Happy to have you on board @ButterAllDay!

Just a message (Not related to event details; just a thanks):

@Jasonrosewell, @MishaCamp, @Deercrusher, @Marc, @Laura, and the many more moderators, staff members, IFVARB board members, IFATC, and the entire IFC:

Thanks for all you do for the community! IF has progressed so much. What was once a game for me is now a huge part of my life. We have some of the best discussions and events over here. I can’t even find people to interact with about aviation nearby, and this is the best place to discuss for me.

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@anon41771314 has now joined our team of hosts.

Happy to have you here @anon41771314!

Everyone, please sign up for KFLL gates!

Also, if your VA partnered with us, ask them if you are eligible for a multiplier.

Spoiler: Watch out for a nice multiplier in the KMIA thread when it comes out :)

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Title overload

Lets adjust it so that it doesn’t fill up my whole phone. Just a simple title and the date & time of the event is all that is needed.

Dont need:

  • the number of people attending
  • number of VA’s attending
  • slots open
  • “awaiting IFATC approval”
  • hosts and the tagged names

Staff/Admin Flyout/Flyin @ KFLL 152000ZFEB20 is all that you need.

Failure to follow these simple instructions will result in the topic being shut down. Thanks!


I’ll take this gate ;)

Sorry @Deercrusher! I’ll fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Sure @anon42527263! You will be signed up. Which wave though?

Wave one please and thank you :)

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I fixed the title. How is it?

Also, do I need to edit anything in the thread?

Sure @anon42527263. You have been signed up!

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Gates, gates, gates! Connect flight with legs! Fly to another airport from KFLL and then fly a second leg to another airport.

Ex: Fly Delta to JFK from KFLL. Switch planes at JFK. Then fly Delta B772LR to Mumbai in second leg.

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All Southwest pilots, every Southwest flights have a 1.5x multiplier! Partnered with Southwest Virtual through @anon42527263!

We are happy to have partnered with Southwest Virtual!

Website | Booking Website | Crew Center | Instagram | Southwest Virtual 2019

We are glad to announce @anon89274317 as a new partner for this event!

All pilots from Global Airtours are eligible for 1.5x time multiplier on any flight!

Thread | Join Us | YouTube



Proud to have partnered with @Finnair_Virtual!

All Finnair pilots can get up to 3x multiplier for the Miami to Helsinki route, which will be flown in the A350! KMIA thread yet to open!

Crew Center | Apply | IFVARB

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Happy to announce @NonStop-Virtual as a new partner!

2x multiplier on all Lufthansa flights only! KTPA, KMIA, and KMCO threads yet to open!

Instagram | Website | Email | Apply


Please add your callsigns when you sign up! This will ensure more efficiency in the event! Thanks!

Is there a particular reason why this is in #general and not #live:events


@Levet It was in #live:events earlier, I think he must’ve changed it by accident. I have changed it back to #live:events.