Staff/Admin Thanks Flyout/Flyin Event Experience

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was my first event, the staff/admin thanks flyout/flyin.
We had multiple waves, meaning multiple timings for the event. Here are some of the pictures I got, but I’m pretty sure others had pictures, so you can post them below :)

Server: Expert
Event: KMIA & KFLL
Time: 2020-02-15T20:00:00Z2020-02-16T17:00:00Z

Can you guess whose in the Aer Lingus A350? It’s @Levet!

@Levet taking off from KFLL on an experimental flight to EIDW.

@Fernando_Carbajal and the Volaris team are parked with a smaller United plane and a large British Airways 747 in the back.

Not able to be seen in the last picture, but next to the smaller United plane, there is also a A380 in British Airways livery. We got competitors…

We have @TaipeiGuru in the American A320, heading to the end of the runway for takeoff, while @Alex_L takes off in the Finnair A350. A Delta A350 waits to cross the runway after landing.

Our only cargo flyer, @Simon_Botero is parked in a gate with an elegant B777-200F Lufthansa Cargo plane. He’s heading off to Germany!

Meanwhile, @thenewpilot stands in an American B777-300ER next to a Delta Connection plane.

A bit far away, @OneLetterShor2 is taxiing in an American B738 while a Delta A320 follows. They are getting ready to get in the skies… meanwhile the American B777-300ER in the background is still filing the FPL.

Lastly, @DanyyRude flies in an A10, while @Levet, me, and @JarrettFlies are down at KFLL (We are so tiny, can you see us?)

How was your experience? Upload your pictures below :)


Well I then hopped in a F22 and escorted @Levet for a bit


@JarrettFlies was also involved in one of the pictures… I did see him at KFLL or KMIA.

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I was at KFLL and KMIA :)

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Yep, thought so… were you in a Delta? I think I saw you…

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No, I was in a Bombardier livery q400… I saw all the people in these pics at KFLL though.

Oh, you were the Q400… I remember now @JarrettFlies… you’re in the last picture in the background with me and Levet.

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Thanks for the spot! 😂

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Sounds like it was a great event!

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It was quite a good event! But because of me oversleeping and forgetting to remind everyone… I toasted the waves today morning. And in the evening last night, the others had forgotten to check their IFC account, so only one person attended at KFLL last evening…

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