Stabilizing pitch

I was taking an American A320 off, setting trim to 28%, flaps 2 and I lifted the ground normally. I had a positive climb rate so I put the gear up. But once the gear was retracted, the nose kept rising. Is there a way to stabilize the pitch? Thank you!

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Try reducing trim. You can always play around with the trim tab to help adjust the pitch. Have you tried taking off with flaps 1? Your generating a lot of pitch with that trim and flap selection most likely.


Flaps 1 is OK, but do I have to change the trim all the time (without A/P)?

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Only if you need to. The trim may be the main cause of what’s causing you to have this happen to you. Maybe try and use less trim with flaps 1. :)

Auto trim isn’t something implemented in the game, so yes. You can vote for it here:


Got it! Thank you all!

Also reducing thrust (a bit) after takeoff can be helping here as well. Trim might be the main factor though.

What was ur throttle at?

And what was ur rotation speed?

3 things that you can do to reduce takeoff pitch

  • Reduce trim a lot less, because 28% is a lot of trim

  • Next you should mostly take off at flaps 1 depending on your weight (if heavy flaps 2 is fine)

  • Have your flight path vector (FPV) below your aircraft pitch

Hope this helped! ;)

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