Stability Update?

My IF crashes a lot on my iPad mini and it would be nice if in the next update includes a stability update.

  1. The iPad Mini might just be an old device, which is why it doesn’t support IF well.

  2. I’m sure the devs try to make IF work as stable as possible on most devices. I wouldn’t know how they could make it more ‘stable’ for older devices.

Like the idea, but I’d be surprised to see the devs create a more stable simulator for older devices.


It isn’t something of the stability itself, but about the RAM memory, if you don’t have enough, your app will crash.


I agree with this, my app crashes about 1/5 flights and it is always following a low memory warning and lag.

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it is old period


I haven’t had a single crash and barely any lag on my Nexus 9.

Unfortunately iPads really only last around three years that’s the average life span for any Apple product and probably Samsung before you will choose to upgrade due to higher standards and particularly when IF becomes more advanced as it demands more from the device like processing power and storage and old devices can’t always provide that.