Stability problems

I’ve just flied from EGLL via KJFK in training server.
The game started to get stuck on the half route ,and the internet went bad (Only in game)
After traveling through the northern Atlantic,about an hour left to destination ,the game crushed.
My device: ipad 11
Well I’m new in game and it’s my first time flying so long
I just wanna check out if it’s my own problem,whatever it’s device or network problems
Or the game’s problem,the stability of the game needs to improve

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I have this problem too. Sometimes the screen just turns black and I get kicked out of the game. I don’t know why this is happening, maybe it’s just a common game issue. But i don’t think it’s the device

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Hi Alex, sorry for the inconvenience. The Training Server had some issues this morning unfortunately which must have cascaded into more issues

We’ve fixed the server: you need to restart the app and reselect the Training Server to connect again

We’ll look into the crash that happened as a result of the server disconnection

Let us know if you experience more issues!

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Yeah,after all,the m1 chip has the same performance comparing to pc.😒

All right,thanks for replying.
And hope problems will be fixed soon.