Stability On final

How to keep your Aircraft Stable on final? I tend to shake my aircraft and then mess up my landing.


Try calibrating your device in a comfortable position and making small corrections to stay aligned with the runway.


I usually put my elbows on a pillow or something else to rest on, which makes the landing much less shaky


I’ll try that :) thank you, mate.


Alright, thanks.

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Yes, i do that tons of times before landing.

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Make small corrections. The harder you shift your device, the more impact will inflict your aircraft. Soft and steady corrections to stay aligned with the runway.


Depending on the plane, I’d also recommend adjusting sensitivity. On smaller planes, namely the CRJ and Dash-8, I’d lower the sensitivity quite a bit as those tend to make dramatic corrections with smaller movements. Additionally, the 787 and a350 can be quite sensitive as well, but not as much.

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Try to put the controls sensitivity on low.
I did that and I’m buttering the runway now.

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To stabilize i use rudder with my right thumb and place my elbows on the pillow, so while landing one can easily do minor corrections and land without shaking.
Pro tip: make sure you open your flaps and spoilers when you touch down ;)

Calibrate your device, use solo mode to practice and then go to live servers, remember to check your speed and use trim if necessary

what I do is, before I start a flight to somewhere, I go into solo and practice the final approach to that airport ( I also do this when flying unfamiliar planes) then when you’re coming in to land, BEFORE you turn off autopilot, calibrate your device first… always. it helps so much.


Also set yourself a goal at which you have to be stable at (e.g. 1000 feet AGOL) and fly it down from there without correcting to much (no big movements!).

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