Stability of the game

When I play the game, it always run into the ground when I watch people take off or land.Even in the playback.How can I solve this problem?Players from China

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Hey there, are you talking about when other players go slightly beneath the ground when they land? If so, this is a known issue and is being worked on.

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yea what do you mean?
i dont understand the question
can you show a picture?

I noticed this also. Especially on playback. I even see planes jump back and forth or literally crash to the ground then a second or two later it’s airborne like normal or taxing to parking🙃

Internet connection stability is everything in regards to this, both of you as well as of the other player :)

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Oh yes,that was so disappointed😥

There is no problem with my network speed, but I don’t know how to solve the problem of stability, and I use the accelerator with the same result.I’m so discouraged.😫

Oh yeah,man.I’ve been having trouble watching other players take off and land because of this,very depressed.😫

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