St. Petersburg to Moscow with Aeroflot

Flight with an Aeroflot 737-900

I left from St. Petersburg at about 21:00 local time to head to Moscow in the Training Server (because why not?)

The flight lasted about an hour.

Anyways, enjoy the photos!

At our gate in St. Petersburg

Right after takeoff

Over St. Petersburg’s city centre

Cruising altitude

Moscow straight ahead!

Over our airport so we can go do some sightseeing 😉

Touchdown, it’s not exactly what you’d call butter, but, a landing where my airplane isn’t in flames, is fine.

Have a great day (or night)!


Nice photos! Just so you know for the future, the last picture shouldnt have the HUD visible, just do that for your next post ;D

Again, cool photos, definitely a route I wouldn’t think of, and it’s one I still won’t fly because I don’t fly around Russia lol 😂

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Thanks, the HUD was due to me taking a video of my landing and then taking a screenshot of the video. Afterwards, I forgot to crop it 😕

Anyways, thanks for your comments.

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