St Patricks Day/IFSIM Event @ EGSS - 171600ZMAR17

Ladies and Gentleman, We are going to do a Ryanair event on the 17th (Friday) of March at 16:00Z till 18:00Z. The route will be from EGSS (London Stansted) to EGBB (Birmingham) and back. Since Ryanair is an Irish airline, we are making this event to celebrate St. Patricks Day. If you wish to take part in this event then just comment and I will add you.

We are collaborating with IFSIM in this event


[details=EGSS(First Flight)]Pushback will be at 16:10Z.
Taxi will be at 16:15Z.
Takeoff will be at 16:20Z.

These are the Gates you can spawn in (EGSS)
Gate A11L :
Gate A11R :
Gate A12L : @B_Hesaviator
Gate A12R : @Abhishek_Bhattachary
Gate A13L : @Sam_Neale
Gate A13R : @Mohamed_Alghali
Gate A14L :
Gate A14R : @Nab2914
Gate B20 : Thomas (CEO)
Gate B21 : gaz
Gate B22 : Xpheros (CCO)
Gate B23L : @RedarPhel
Gate B23R : Milen_Jacob
Gate B24L : Stephen_Watt
Gate B24R : @IFWings009
Gate B25 : Darth_Sidious
Gate B30 : @Andrew2002
Gate B31 : @Captain28
Gate B32L : @Zackb
Gate B32R :
More gates will be added if needed.

[details=EGBB]Landing will be at 16:50Z.
Taxi to Gate will be at 17:00Z.
Pushback will be at 17:10Z.
Taxi will be at 17:15Z.
Takeoff will be at 17:20Z.

Some people who can’t fly back to EGSS can end at EGBB
If you can’t, just comment and I will put you on the list.

People who can’t fly from EGBB to EGSS

  • Bruno_Latour

Some people who can’t fly from EGSS to EGBB but want to fly the second flight
If you are, just comment and I will add you to a gate.

These are the gates you can spawn in (EGBB)
Gate Terminal 60 :
Gate Terminal 61 :
Gate Terminal 62 :
Gate Terminal 63 :
Gate Terminal 64 :
More gates will be added if needed.


[details=EGSS(Second Flight)]Landing will be at 17:50Z.
Taxi to Gate will be at 18:00Z.[/details]

[details=For Pilots]Altitude : 13000ft
Cruising Airspeed : 240kt
What FPM when you ascend : 3000fpm
What FPM when you descend : 1000fpm
If you are using Autopilot, it’s totally fine!
When you land, follow Thomas Oehrling, Kiethjames99 or Xpheros. One of us will lead you to the gate. More parking spots will be added if needed [/details]

You don’t have to be in Ryanair VA to join this event but we would like you (if you are a pilot) to be in the Boeing 737-800 Ryan Air livery. The route plan will be given on the day the event is on in case the weather changes! Hope you have a wonderful time flying with us and have a safe flight. The Ryanair Fan Club is not responsible for the content of external sites. We are also not affliated with the actual Ryanair and represent non of the views of the actual company.
If you are joining the event I will give you the Discord Chat of IFSIM in a PM.

What is IFSIM?
IFSIM is an Air Traffic Control network on Infinite Flight, familiar to VATSIM. IFSIM is made for professional pilots and controllers but at the same time, it is welcoming to beginners. It is run on the Casual Server to prevent conflict with proper IFATC controllers. Communication is done on Discord. Discord is a communication app which we use for ATC. Click the ATC page to send an application to receive training to become a controller for IFSIM.

The server will be on the casual server.

Happy Flying! - Ryanair Virtual Staff


If you are joining the event, make sure to let us know so we can invite you to the IFSIM Network Discord.


Put me for gate B30.

Can I have a gate for the event?

Sure, B31 for you…

I’d like to join you IFSIM people :)

Why not Aer Lingus? Would make more sense…


Can I also.get a gate for this event???

As I said in the topic, Ryanair is an Irish airline and because it’s Irish and St. Patricks Day is an Irish holiday, we wanted to make a St. Patrick’s Day Event. Would you like to join?

@RedarPhel signed you on B23L
@Milen_Jacob signed you on B23R

Sure! I don’t mind which gate ;)

If only there was an Irish Airline with a green livery and a shamrock on its tail for the day that is St. Patricks Day. image

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This event is for Ryanair Virtual Airlines and is being run by them. IFSIM is only providing the verbal ATC for the event.

They hosted it last year. Atleast I think they did.

Will passengers be given free spinal replacements. They cram more people in for events

Log me in for a gate

Would you like to join?

Logged you at Gate 24L

Would you like to join?

@Xpheros … can you put me down for a gate please!