St Patrick's Day event

I was thinking that we should have an event on st Patrick’s day on PG and the only planes allowed are Ryanair and Aer Lingus. Should we have this event. It could be in the London region and people can do atc but they have to let us know before hand.

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I wanted to create one for St David’s day two days ago but we have no Welsh airlines in IF

Wait until we get closer to it @Captain_Skywalker

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You could of done Dragonair because of the red Dragon.


Being half Irish I’m up for this, il take over ATC at Birmingham where I know Ryan air fly from,

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Yay an event for name day😃 I’ll be joining! 100%

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@Snelweg_A15 This topic belongs in the Live category until the title matches the events category format.

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If you would like I could make the event?

Oh yeah it does!

@ProFlight yes please