St Marten Beach JetBlue A320

Look it’s a JetBlue a320 flying over St Marten
Beach !!!

It was about 12:00pm

It was really close to the water

Hope you like my photo thanks for looking


What does everyone think about it I hope you like it again thank you for looking at my photo

Really nice, it’s almost like being at St. Maarten. :)

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I know right 😄👍🏽

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I’m glad you like it 😄👍🏽

Nice photo :)

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Thank you 😄👍🏽

That is awesome looking!

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It’s called Maho Beach. Nice Pics.

That’s the name of the beach I was thinking of
Just came to my head 👍🏽

It’s always been a dream vacation for me to go to St Marten! Nice photo. Maybe someday I’ll go…

Actually I’ve been to St Marten it’s really nice

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