St. Maarten

Ok, we need someone (a mod) to get to TNCM there is a American 66666699999 super that is trolling on expert. While we have many people trying to keep it real

I am taking off at the moment but we need someone to assert control

Agreed. Caught this person taking off while another plane was trying to exit the runway…it’s amateur hour there right now…

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Thats him i am the United behind you
I am UVAL 224

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Then on top there is a person by the callsign of Air Force 66669999 with gear down crashing into people

TNCM Tower is now open… Trolling ends now. :)


Thank you I am in the air, that guy is for sure getting reported
I am UVAL224 or the name United224

Oh then the air force 66669999 lands because there is ATC now

ATC is there.