St. Maarten to Miami! (American A320)

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good [Insert your time of day here]!

Today, (after a crashed long haul) I decided to do a short-ish flight from St.Maarten to Miami. Oh boy, the views and water were amazing!

Flight details

Route: TNCM (St.Maarten) --> KMIA (Miami Intl)
Flight time: 3 hours exactly
Aircraft: American Airlines A320


(had to go-around due to a long flare resulting in a big chunk of runway used)

Thanks for looking and until now and the next time, see you around, or in the skies!


That water though, it’s stunning!

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I agree! Thanks :)

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Looks amazing, keep it up👍

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Wow amazing! The water is just… wow!

Bravo, BravoCharlie! (see what i did)😂

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Great photos! Love the Caribbean

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Nice shots!

Thanks everyone!

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I love your editing. You always seem to deliver!

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Thanks a lot man! Much appreciated!

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