St. Maarten Spotting

Arguably the best place to spot aircraft! (pictures are not mine) Check out the KLM!image

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Did you take those pictures or do you own them? We only allow pics the original poster owns in this category (for obvious reasons).


Pretty sure anyone who enjoys spotting knows about SXM…

Ok sorry, thought it would be cool to include pictures of my favorite spotting place. No those pictures aren’t mine but I would like to take some very cool ones. It is awesome seeing the huge planes so close to you! :)

This one is mine! A310 FedEx cockpit! :)

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Woah? No joystick?! @masonh2479

Yeah I thought that too! Weird huh :)

@Houston_Aviation @masonh2479

Pre-A320 Airbuses did not come with joysticks (Non-computer, fly-by-wire tech).

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