St. Maarten Planespotting

1) Background to the photos
St. Maarten airport planespotting

2) Detailed Flight Information
Solo, replayed and screen recorded, arrivals and departures in video

3) Video

I realize I mislabeled the JetBlue A320 and the music stopped before the end, I’m not sure what went wrong. I made this several months ago and was inactive, and I just had the idea to post it here. I thank you for watching and hope you consider subscribing for more videos like this.

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Cool but isn’t that a a320 JetBlue at 1:40

Yes, I said up above that I made a mistake

Oh I guess I can’t read lol

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Sorry about that

It’s okay. Glad you enjoyed

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I looked at the top of the page looking to see if you had said something about that but I didn’t read the bottom

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Got it. I understand

Speaking of reading I got some LA reading home work to on the grand escape. Did you know in WW1 pilots would burn their planes in enemy territory so the enemy would not copy that plane

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